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Rental conditions

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Please note: we have moved to Van der Kuypstraat 9-11, Ma Retraite 6.
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Passenger Cars

Nissan Note

US$ 18/day

Nissan Cube

US$ 18/day


Toyota Ist

US$ 20/day

Toyota Ractis

US$ 20/day 


Toyota Vitz

US$ 20/day


Toyota Wish

US$ 25/day 

Cross-country vehicles
Greatwall Haval

US$ 45/day

Nissan X-Trail

US$ 45/day

Honda CR-V

US$ 45/day 

Toyota Prado

US$ 120/day

Toyota Sequoia

US$ 120/day



Toyota Hilux

US$ 85/day


Hilux Vigo with lid cover

US$ 100/day





Toyota Noah

US$ 45 /day




Conditions (short)

- You should be at least 21 years old to rent a car. You will need an international driving license from the country where you reside.

- You can pay the rent in cash or with a Master Card. When paying with a Master Card, 10% of the total amount will be collected in cash for administration and bank costs.

- When hiring a car for 7 days or longer, you will get a discount of 5% of the total price; 30 days or longer gives a discount of 10%.

- First 2 days, 100 kilometers free per day; when hiring 3 days or more, there are no restrictions.

- A police report is required after a crash.

- All prices are sales tax excluded.

- When paying the deposit with a Master Card, the administration costs will be due only if cashing the amount will be necessary, as a result of incidents mentioned in the contract.

- Your car can be delivered and collected on any location in Paramaribo.

Click here for all conditions as mentioned in the contract (Dutch).